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What we do

All small businesses are under pressure from all sides and only well managed businesses will survive. We started the website with one clear objective in mind to offer users a wide variety of tutorials, examples, references, and no-nonsense advice on bookkeeping and accounting.

We aim to give you the information you need to help you understand and use your accounting records to manage your business. We make bookkeeping and accounting more usable, easier to navigate, faster and more reliable. In other words: we make your bookkeeping records work.

How we do it

Whilst there are many places that you can learn bookkeeping and accounting, they tend to provide you with a confusing array of information. The first requirement for any business is to know what you’re doing, and what you’re aiming for. The only way to do that is to have good bookkeeping records to provide quality accounting information and to be able to understand what that information means for your business.

The Website aims to help you understand this information by providing the following and more:

  • We’ve written articles, listed in our Tutorials section, about loads of common issues and their solutions.
  • The best way to learn is to look at examples. At you can look at many examples to show you how you can apply the principles and concepts of the tutorials in practice.
  • You will find complete references for all our topics. The references contain complete descriptions and examples for each type of bookkeeping and accounting entry, and provide you with essential information for running your business.

Why we do it

The Philosophical bit.. We do this because we believe that business owners need to understand and know how to use basic bookkeeping and accounting information in order to be able to operate their businesses. We therefore want to make our knowledge available to all.

To paraphrase an old proverb.

Best is to know, and know that you know
Next best is knowing that you don’t know.
Next is knowing but not realising you know.
and worst of all not knowing that you don’t know

We aim to put you in the first category…


A huge amount of effort has gone into the structure and design of this website in order to make it as helpful, practical, and as easy to understand and use as possible.

The outcome of all of this? We’d like to think were giving every user access to Accounting and Bookkeeping knowledge. Our tutorials help people who want to improve their business. We’re committed to providing a free online bookkeeping and accounting resource. So make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter. We will help you make your accounting records work and grow your business.

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