Statement of Changes in Equity

The Statement of Changes In Equity

The statement of changes in equity is one of the main financial statements. The purpose of the statement is to show the equity movements during the accounting period and to reconcile the beginning and ending equity balances. Equity movements include the following:

  • Net income for the accounting period from the income statement
  • Other comprehensive income (not included in the income statement)
  • Changes in accounting polices and corrections of errors
  • Amounts invested by equity investors
  • Dividends and other distributions to equity investors

From the accounting equation we know that Equity = Assets – Liabilities, so the statement also reflects the change in net assets of the business during the period.

Statement of Changes in Equity Format

The layout of a statement of changes in equity for a company for annual reporting purposes is legally defined. A typical and useful format is shown in the example below.

Statement of Change in Equity for the year ended 31 March
Capital R/E Total
1 April 5,000 2,500 7,500
Prior period error 200 200
Net income 2,300 2,300
Other comprehensive income 1,200 1,200
Dividends -500 -500
Issues of new capital 1,500 1,500
31 March 6,500 5,700 12,200

* R/E = Retained Earnings

As an example, the annual report for Apple shows a typical statement of changes in equity layout.

Statement of Changes in Equity June 19th, 2017Team

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