Payback Period Calculator

This payback period calculator will help a business to calculate payback period in Excel.

The payback period is the time it takes a business to recover it’s investment in a project. Our tutorial on the payback period method gives full details about how to calculate and use the payback period.

Payback Period Calculator November 6th, 2016Team
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Payback Period

The payback period is the time it takes to earn back the cash invested in a project. It allows a business to determine how long it will take before a project will recover it’s original investment.

The simple payback period, is a useful tool for a business to compare projects. Using the payback period method, the business would choose the project which has the shortest cash payback period.

Payback Period November 6th, 2016Team
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Financial Projections Template

This free business plan financial projections template can be used by any business to give an idea of the estimated income and expenditure, balance sheet and cash flow projections for a 5 year period.

Financial Projections Template August 1st, 2017Team
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Rolling Forecast

A Rolling Forecast is a business forecast which is updated on a regular basis. Forecasts are a map of where a business is going, they are a guide, not a manifesto to be stuck to come what may. To make them useful they need to be updated on a monthly basis and used to manage.

Rolling Forecast November 6th, 2016Team
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Sales Forecast

Sales forecasting of your product or service is the starting point and the key to preparing financial projections, so it is important to use a realistic estimate.

Sales Forecast November 6th, 2016Team
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