Nonprofit Financial Statements

A nonprofit organization (NPO) is an organization that has no owners and which uses its net income to help it achieve the aims for which it was established. All surplus net income has to be kept within the organization, and not paid out as dividends or distributions.

There are three main not for profit financial statements, the statement of financial position, the statement of activities, and the statement of cash flows.

Nonprofit Financial Statements November 6th, 2016Team
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Nonprofit Chart of Accounts Template

A non profit chart of accounts template download. Non profit organizations differ from a normal business as they have a statement of financial position, statement of activities and equity is replaced by net assets or funds accounts.

Nonprofit Chart of Accounts Template November 6th, 2016Team
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Non Profit Chart of Accounts

A chart of accounts is a list of all the names of the accounts found in the general ledger with an account code allocated to it.

A not for profit chart of accounts differs from a normal business in that it is split into statement of financial position and statement of activities accounts. These are the equivalent of the balance sheet and income statement.

An interactive nonprofit chart of accounts sample is provided to help you produce your own non profit standard chart of accounts.

Non Profit Chart of Accounts November 6th, 2016Team
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