Reimbursed Employee Expenses Journal

Accounting for reimbursed expenses requires two journal entries, the first is to record the expense and the liability to the employee, the second is to record the payment to the employee to clear the liability.

Reimbursed Employee Expenses Journal July 18th, 2017Team
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Vacation Accrual Journal Entry

Vacation entitlement which has been earned by an employee but has not been taken by the end of the accounting period, represents a liability to the business. The liability is recorded using a vacation accrual journal entry.

Vacation Accrual Journal Entry September 20th, 2017Team
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Unpaid Wages

Unpaid wages are wages which have been earned by an employee during an accounting period but which remain unpaid at the end of the accounting period.

Under the accruals basis of accounting an adjusting entry needs to be made to provide for the unpaid wages based on the hours worked and the wage rate.

Unpaid Wages November 6th, 2016Team
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Payroll Accounting Process

Payroll is the aggregate expenditure on wages and salaries incurred by a business in an accounting period. It can also refer to a listing of employees giving details of their pay.

Payroll Accounting Process September 20th, 2017Team
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