Straight Line Depreciation Tables

Straight Line Depreciation Calculator Tables

The straight line depreciation tables below act as a quick reference to help you calculate straight line depreciation for a month. The tables are based on the formula for straight line depreciation as follows:

Straight Line Depreciation = Cost / Useful Life

How to Calculate monthly straight line depreciation

As an example of calculating straight line depreciation using the tables, suppose a business purchased at asset for 25,000 with an estimated useful life of 5 years.

Using the formula shown above, we could calculate the depreciation as follows:

Straight Line Depreciation = 25,000 / 5 = 5,000 per year or 5,000 / 12 = 417 per month.

However, to avoid having to carry out this calculation, the straight line depreciation calculator below can be used.

If we look at the straight line depreciation tables row for the amount 25,000 and the column for years 5, then the value given by the table is 417, which is the same as in the calculation above.

Amounts can be combined to give the total amount of depreciation, for example if an asset costs 16,000 with a useful life of 4 years, the depreciation is calculated by taking the amount for 15,000 and the amount for 1,000 from the 4 years column, which is 313 + 21 = 334 per month.

Straight Line Depreciation Tables Guide and Key

  1. Year: Each column represents the useful life of the asset in years.
  2. Amount: Each row represents the cost of the fixed asset.
Monthly Straight Line Depreciation
Amt/Yrs 3 4 5 10 15
100 3 2 2 1 1
1,000 28 21 17 8 6
5,000 139 104 83 42 28
10,000 278 208 167 83 56
15,000 417 313 250 125 83
20,000 556 417 333 167 111
25,000 694 521 417 208 139
30,000 833 625 500 250 167
35,000 972 729 583 292 194
40,000 1111 833 667 333 222
45,000 1250 938 750 375 250
50,000 1389 1042 833 417 278
Straight Line Depreciation Tables March 2nd, 2017Team

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