GAAP Accounting Rules

What does GAAP Stand for? GAAP in accounting is an acronym for Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. GAAP accounting rules are used to regulate accounting

GAAP Accounting Rules August 31st, 2016Team
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Assets in Accounting

What are Assets in Accounting? Assets in accounting are a fundamental part of the accounting equation. Assets = Liabilities + Equity Assets are things

Assets in Accounting August 1st, 2016Team
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Inventory Shrinkage Definition

What is Inventory Shrinkage? When a business takes a physical count of its inventory there is normally an unexplained difference between the physical count

Inventory Shrinkage Definition May 30th, 2018Team
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Budget Definition

What is a Budget? A budget is a financial plan which a business sets itself, it lays out the target financial outcome the business

Budget Definition June 29th, 2016Team
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Management Accounting

What is Management Accounting? The term management accounting or managerial accounting relates mainly to the preparation of financial statements and other accounting information for

Management Accounting August 26th, 2016Team
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Financial Accounting

What is Financial Accounting? The term financial accounting relates mainly to the preparation of financial statements for presentation to third parties such as investors,

Financial Accounting August 26th, 2016Team
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The accounting definition is that it is a set of concepts and methods used to measure and report financial information about a business. Accounting

Accounting November 14th, 2017Team
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What is Goodwill? Goodwill is the amount by which the price paid for a business exceeds the fair value of the identifiable net assets

Goodwill May 30th, 2018Team
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