Margin Markup Calculator and Converter

The Excel sheet, available for download below, helps a business convert from margin to markup or from markup to margin, and also calculates the cost multiplier which can be used to apply to a cost price to calculate the corresponding selling price.

Our tutorial on markup vs margin gives full details about how to convert from markup to margin and the use of the cost multiplier.

The Excel file available for download below, will help you to carry out your own margin to markup conversions.

margin markup calculator
Margin Markup Calculator
Margin Markup Calculator Download

The margin markup calculator is available for download in Excel format by following the link below.

Notes and major health warnings
Users use this accounting template at their own risk. We make no warranty or representation as to its accuracy and we are covered by the terms of our legal disclaimer, which you are deemed to have read. This is an example of an accounting format that you might use. It is purely illustrative. This is not intended to reflect general standards or targets for any particular company or sector. If you do spot a mistake in the template, please let us know and we will try to fix it.
Margin Markup Calculator and Converter November 6th, 2016Team

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