FOB Shipping Point Freight Prepaid

How to deal with FOB Shipping Point Freight Prepaid?

A business sells goods to a buyer with the terms FOB shipping point freight prepaid. The value of the goods is 5,000 and the settlement terms are 2/10, n/30. The freight cost from the shipping point to the buyers destination is 700. The seller prepays the freight expense.

Calculate the following:

  1. The value of the sale
  2. The amount debited to accounts receivable
  3. The discount for early settlement
  4. The amount due within the settlement discount period

As the terms are FOB shipping point freight prepaid, the buyer is responsible for the freight charges.

  1. The value of the sale is 5,000.
  2. Although it is the responsibility of the buyer, the seller has prepaid the freight expense and needs to recover this. The amount recoverable (accounts receivable) from the buyer is the value of the goods 5,000 and the freight charge 700 = 5,700.
  3. The discount for early settlement is based only on the value of the goods and does not include the recoverable freight expense. Discount = 5,000 x 2% = 100.
  4. The amount due from the buyer allowing for the discount is given as follows: Amount due = Value of goods – Settlement discount + Freight expense recoverable = 5,000 – 100 + 700 = 5,600
FOB Shipping Point Freight Prepaid November 6th, 2016Team

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