Excel DDB Function

The Excel DDB function is one of many Excel financial functions, and can be used to calculate the declining balance depreciation of a long term asset. It has the syntax DDB (cost, salvage, life, period, factor).

By setting the factor parameter to either one or two, the function can be used to calculate either the declining balance depreciation or the double declining balance depreciation.

Excel DDB Function November 6th, 2016Team
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Double Declining Balance Depreciation Calculator

Depreciation is a business expense reflecting the wear and tear of long term assets as they are used within the business.

The Excel double declining balance depreciation calculator, available for download below, is used to compute the annual depreciation charge using the double declining method.

Double Declining Balance Depreciation Calculator June 14th, 2017Team
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Declining Balance Depreciation

The declining balance method sometimes referred to as reducing balance, is a commonly used method of calculating the depreciation charge for an asset.

The depreciation charge is given by the declining balance method formula as follows:

Declining Balance Depreciation December 9th, 2016Team
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