Predetermined Overhead Rate

A business calculates a predetermined overhead rate based on estimated overhead and activity levels in order to be able to apply overhead to its product costs.

Predetermined Overhead Rate October 9th, 2017Team
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Currency Forward Contract – Imports

When a business undertakes import trade with overseas suppliers and makes payment in a foreign currency it needs to try and protect itself from fluctuations in the currency exchange rate. One method of achieving this is to buy the foreign currency using a currency forward contract.

Currency Forward Contract – Imports October 6th, 2017Team
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Incremental Analysis Approach

Make or buy, sell or process further, keep or drop, accept or reject a special order, and repair or replace are all examples of decisions which can made using the incremental analysis approach. The technique considers only relevant costs when a business needs to make a choice between alternative options.

Incremental Analysis Approach October 2nd, 2017Team
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Foreign Exchange Forward Contract Accounting

When a business undertakes export trade with overseas customers and receives payment in a foreign currency it needs to try and protect itself from fluctuations in the exchange rate. One method of achieving this is to sell the foreign currency using a foreign exchange forward contract.

Foreign Exchange Forward Contract Accounting October 5th, 2017Team
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Stock Option Compensation Accounting

Stock options are a form of equity based compensation. When a business purchases the services of key personnel and pays for those services using stock options, it must record the expense in the income statement over the vesting period using stock based compensation accounting journal entries.

Stock Option Compensation Accounting August 30th, 2017Team
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Capitalized Interest Cost

Capitalized borrowing costs are those added to the cost of acquiring an asset to bring it to the condition and location necessary for its intended use.

Capitalized Interest Cost August 22nd, 2017Team
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Relative Fair Value Method

When a business purchases an asset which includes several assets such as land, land improvements, and buildings which have dissimilar depreciation rates, it needs to be able to allocate the total cost of the asset to its component parts. The relative fair market value method is one technique used to carry out this allocation.

Relative Fair Value Method August 9th, 2017Team
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Sales Discount in Accounting

Sales discounts are an expense to a business. They are recorded in the sales discounts account, a contra revenue account offset against the gross revenue of the business.

Sales Discount in Accounting July 28th, 2017Team
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Foreign Currency Transaction Bookkeeping

When a business trades overseas either importing from suppliers or exporting to customers, the transactions are normally conducted in a foreign currency. Since the business reports in a different currency it must reflect any exchange gain or loss when accounting for foreign currency transactions.

Foreign Currency Transaction Bookkeeping July 25th, 2017Team
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Process Costing in Cost Accounting

Process costing is used when a business operates a continuous production line with a sequence of production processes to manufacture indistinguishable units of product.

Process Costing in Cost Accounting July 7th, 2017Team
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Byproduct Accounting

Immaterial waste products arising from a production process are known as byproducts or by-products. The products are usually accounted for in a non-GAAP manner using either the production method or the sales method. The production method recognizes the value of the byproduct when it is produced, and the sales method recognizes the value when the byproduct is sold.

Byproduct Accounting July 5th, 2017Team
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